All readings and coaching sessions may be arranged in your own home in the Reykjavík area. Online readings and coaching sessions via video link are also available.

Rune or rune and energy readings for insight and guidance, or mediumship readings providing evidence of survival and messages from loved ones. Runes and Rainbows readings and spiritual coaching for self-development.

Please see my contact page for details of how to arrange your reading.

Group bookings, demonstrations and events can be provisionally arranged at any location including overseas for later in the year.


Kay Cook – Author of Runes and Rainbows and Feathers of Destiny


Rune Reading – I read the runes for you. I then complete a another full rune cast to give a deeper layer of insight into yourself, fulfilling your potential, and your life pathway.

Mediumship readings are uplifting and inspiring giving you evidence of survival, and messages from spiritual communicators.

A combined reading is the most popular choice. This begins with mediumship and a message from a spiritual communicator. I then cast the runes for you, with a couple of the runes I will use my Runes and Rainbows technique to explore the universal energies and those you are currently attracting towards you. This will give greater depth to your reading and insight into your life pathway, together with a greater understanding of yourself, your soul pathway and the future potential you are currently building.

Runes and Rainbows, rune and energy readings are offered. Each rune is read in correlation with the chakras and universal energies in a structured way allowing extra layers of personal relevance to inform my interpretation of the runes. Please see the Runes and Rainbows page for more details of these deep and insightful readings and also coaching sessions.

Rune, Runes and Rainbows, and combined readings give you the opportunity to select an additional three runes to seek extra insight into a couple of areas of life you are especially interested in.

Soul readings are also provided. Please discuss your preferences with me.

6000 ISK for all 45 minute readings. To book a reading with me please telephone me on 691 1147 or email We will then arrange a mutually agreeable time.

I work in English but if you wish to have a friend translate for you please state when booking – I will allow a little extra time free of charge.

My Autumn tour in England 2020 has been postponed until Spring 2021 – details on my events page. 

Full name: Kay Tina Cook – Kennitala: 031159 2889

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