Runes and Rainbows

About Runes and Rainbows Readings and Spiritual Coaching

The runes and their interpretations provide the framework and foundation of a Runes and Rainbows reading. The application of the interpretation for each rune will be guided by information sourced from the client’s chakras, aura and the developing universal energies. The runic interpretations I work with hold true but linking with the energies shows how those meanings work for each client in an individual way. Runes and Rainbows readings show new possibilities within current situations and aspects of future potential, with areas of personal responsibility, talents, choices. strengths and possible coping skills also being highlighted. We always look as your developing soul pathway, and how this energy is seeking to express itself during the timescale of the reading and sometimes beyond this. It is your responsibility to live your life but your session will leave you feeling inspired with new ideas to consider.

All Runes and Rainbows readings and coaching sessions offer the opportunity to select additional runes to target a specific area of life you would like to understand in more depth. If you wish your reading to cover a different time period, or to have a specific focus please discuss this with me.

A Runes and Rainbows Reading covers around 6 months in depth and takes 45 minutes – cost 6500 ISK.
A Gold Standard Runes and Rainbows Reading covers around 12 months in depth and takes 75 minutes – cost 9990 ISK.                      A Runes and Rainbows Coaching Session will help you to define and focus on goals for change, bringing an understanding of underlying spiritual dynamics. These coaching sessions take 45 minutes – cost 6500 ISK.

A Runes and Rainbows Reading and Coaching Session begins with a Runes and Rainbows reading which is focused on the goal(s) you want to work with. You need to decide one or two goals to focus on before we start. This is an excellent choice when you are seeking inspiration and personal development, these sessions take 75 minutes – cost 9990 ISK.

Runes and Rainbows Coaching begins with a Runes and Rainbows reading targeted on personal or issue development followed by solution focused enquiry to define and build your own supportive network around your chosen changes! Coaching is focused on those aspects that you want to put work into changing, so it is important to choose your goal for change with this in mind. This is also available as a 75 minute session – cost 9990 ISK.


A Personal understanding of the Mind and Spirit

My understanding of the mind and of spirit interweaves an evolutionary understanding of the physical brain with spiritual beliefs and a holistic vision in which everything is connected. This is a vision in which our thoughts, beliefs and emotions are part of the universal mind, or spirit. In this sphere even a neural pathway generates an energy which is both influencing and being influenced by the universal mind. When we grow and generate more positive, helpful, loving thoughts and emotions we upgrade not just our own energy but the energy of the universal mind playing our part in moving evolution forward.

When we understand more of the spiritual power animating our lives and flowing from and through us we live in within a greater awareness which has a higher frequency vibration. We can feel our place within the living and evolving cosmos or sea of consciousness becoming more mindful, thoughtful, altruistic and empowered. We operate at a frequency which is far closer to the vibration of the creative source of all that is, or of pure love.

Some Thoughts on Opportunities to Grow and Life Challenges

I am of the view that before we set foot on our earthly journeys we choose to grow or develop in particular ways. The energetic seed pattern of these chosen growth opportunities is then encoded within the pattern at the centre of our soul, encapsulated within a vibrational frequency which will attract the equivalent vibration here on earth and thus the lesson. Whilst this seed pattern ensures we must encounter the lesson we have choice and freewill. Lessons come in many forms bringing both great joy and great challenges.

We will carry the vibration of the lesson until we have learnt that lesson and thus release the attracting pattern. It may be that we do not learn the lesson at the first opportunity and keep attracting the same lesson in various forms until we fulfill this aspect of our sacred soul contract. Each of us also has many possibilities held within our soul energy just waiting to be nurtured into life as we play our part in the cosmic dance of life.

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