We were walking down the street in Reykjavik on a sunny day June 2013 when we came across an eye-catching poster offering rune readings. We were spending our summer holidays in Iceland due to our genuine interest in Ancient Icelandic culture, particularly rune writing and mythology. That’s why two days later we found ourselves in front of an inspired trustworthy lady willing to help with our burning questions.

We were truly astonished by the way Kay was working. It was unusual to see someone consider so many other positions of the runes apart from direct and reversed. We soon realized how much extra knowledge this method could give. Besides Kay was so understanding and compassionate that we felt as we had met a friend whom we hadn’t seen for a long time. She quickly figured out our issues and gave us some advice that was really helpful. At the same time her manner wasn’t over-authoritative, left much space for self-investigation, creativity and encouraged responsibility. We also highly appreciated Kay’s spirituality and medium gift which the readings definitely benefit from. It was unusual to see someone consider so many other positions of the runes apart from direct and reversed. We soon realized how much extra knowledge this method could give.

Now that we are back home in Russia we realized that sometimes we face such problems that make us look for external support which we always get from Kay and her email readings, with reality reflecting as it was in Iceland.
From Ekaterina and Daria of Moscow, Russia

In October 2017, I finally got to take my bucket list trip to Iceland. During my trip, I knew I wanted to get a reading for myself while I was in Reykjavik. I was most fortunate to have that reading with Kay Cook. Kay was absolutely fantastic. She was accurate, professional, kind, and personable. During our session, she connected with my maternal grandmother, and Kay passed along detailed messages that only my immediate family could have known. She then performed runes readings which were fascinating, relatable to my life situations, and very easy to comprehend. She asked if I wanted to record my session as well, which is a further testament to her high ethics and professionalism. I’m so glad I recorded it, as I’ve been able to refer back to the recording while the events she predicted have been transpiring. It’s been very helpful!

When I return to Reykjavik, I will definitely be seeking another reading with Kay. If you are looking for a compassionate, grounded, highly skilled, truthful reader, I highly recommend Kay and her services. She is marvelous!
Bethany Abrahamson
Appleton WI, USA”

Runes and Rainbows – Book Recommendations

For anyone beginning to take an interest in studying ‘Runes’ I would definitely recommend this book. It explains simple methods of ‘reading’ runes and how to develop this ability in a way beyond traditional interpretations often given in divination works. In addition to ‘reading’ the runes, blending their meanings together with the symbolic colours of energy centres help the reader gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual realms. The personal examples recounted add the depth of knowledge that Kay has developed over many years of professional work. This work represents an additional approach to self-enlightenment and possibly the beginning of a journey towards helping others. Nick Nicholls of Kingsbridge, Devon, England.

“A breath-taking interpretation of rune readings and their relationship to chakras. Incredibly detailed and very well written. A fascinating book.!””

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