Mediumship Reading

Evidence of survival and messages of love, encouragement and upliftment from your loved ones or friends in spirit. Spirit people love to share our joys and celebrations and also to empathise when life is challenging. It cannot be guaranteed that a particular person will communicate.

Combined Reading

My most popular reading providing a message from spirit. I then read the runes for you, with a couple of them I use my Runes and Rainbows technique, linking with the chakra I am drawn to, and the universal energies that are developing around you. Gives good insight into your present situation, offers ideas and inspiration, and reveals aspects of future potential you are currently building.

Rune Reading

Rune readings cover the present period and next few months and provide self-understanding. A rune reading is an excellent choice when you have a specific issue that you would like ideas or inspiration on, or you want to take a peak at your future potential.

Soul Reading

Intuition, runes and spiritual guidance to give some understanding of your soul purpose, your gifts and areas where your soul is seeking greater expression. Gain an insight into some soul learning opportunitiesĀ  your life has presented and possible approaches. 45 minute reading.

Postal, Skype or Email Reading

If you are unable to attend an in-person appointment a postal, email or Skype reading could be right for you. Over the years I have completed distance readings for people from many countries.

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Runes and Rainbows Reading

Each rune is read in correlation with the chakras and universal energies in a structured and integrated way allowing extra layers of personal relevance to inform the interpretation of the runes. Please see the Runes and Rainbows page for more details of these insightful 45 minute sessions.

Gold Standard Runes and Rainbows Reading

The same as a runes and rainbows reading but exploring the potential you are building over a longer period, and more in-depth. These readings take 75 minutes.

Runes and Rainbows Coaching

Similar to a Runes and Rainbows reading but focused much more on the factors you would like to change. I cast runes and read the energies that you are currently building in relation to your desired goal. How you proceed with your life is your responsibility but your session should leave you with lots of ideas, inspiration and a better understanding of how your chosen goal works for you. I ask some solution focused questions to help you to work with the ideas that arise. 45 minutes.

Gold Standard Runes and Rainbows Reading and Coaching

This is a longer version of Runes and Rainbows Coaching. It is very useful if you are at the stage where you know you want change, but you are not so certain what you are looking for. It is also great if you have a defined goal or two and want to spend a longer time to work on this in a more in depth way. 75 minutes.

To book your reading telephone me on 691 1147 or email

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